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How it all started...

In July of 2006, I became a mom. In search of a new normal, I decided to try painting on an old glass window I found, and I loved it.


I began collecting salvaged windows and mirrors to make up-cycled art. 

What started as a hobby grew into a business - a successful one. I painted a set of glasses for my boss at the time and their popularity changed my focus to stemware.

I named it Makikisart (mama and Aunt Kiki together) and jumped right into the local art scene.

Eventually, I added The Bipolar Butterfly Project to the business and the rest is history. I still adore Makikisart like my own child and find it a true escape where I can share my experiments and expression through all sort of mediums and classes around NE Ohio. 

For more information or to shop Makikisart, visit me at any of the links below!

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